Building Renovation Campaign

Purdue Hillel asks for your Support

The Purdue Hillel building is aging and in great need of updating and enlarging. While still “usable,” it is in major need of repair and upgrades. In 2008 we revamped our electrical system and replaced the 68 year-old windows, which gave the building an update look, made it more comfortable in all seasons, and has even saved us a great deal on our energy bills.

There are some emergency items that need to be completed as soon as possible; these include, major roof repairs and the replacement of bathroom fixtures. Due to our ever-increasing student numbers, we also haves the need to enlarge the areas where we prepare food and feed students.

We have secured a major donor who will match all gifts one-to-one up to $75,000. We now need YOUR help! If we can raise the initial $75,000 in the next three months, we will be able to complete our renovation in the summer of 2019.

Please consider a contribution to the Hillel Building Renovation Campaign with a donation of $100, $200, $1,000 or $5,000. Please send your check to Hillel or use PayPal ( to help us reach our goal today! The entire PayPal amount will be matched! Together, you and we can guarantee the future of Hillel at Purdue for years to come. Thank you for your consideration and ongoing support of The Purdue Hillel Foundation!!