Frequently Asked Questions

Who’s who at Purdue Hillel?

Philip J. Schlossberg, MSW, Director
Joshua Rothenberg, Office Administrator
Michael Acks, Hillel Board President
Ethan Hirsch, Hillel Student Board President

How is Purdue Hillel run?

The structure of Purdue Hillel is:

Purdue Hillel Governing Board of Directors: This board, is responsible for policy setting and ensuring the viability of and operation of Purdue Hillel.

The Staff:
The Purdue Hillel professional and support staff oversees the day-to-day operations and student programming. The Hillel Student Board and Committee Chairs create and implement policies for student groups. Committee chairs aid the Student Board in their jobs and also plan and implement some of the student programming. On the average, most positions are filled once a year at the end of the Spring semester.

How many Jewish students are there at Purdue?

We do not know exactly, but estimates are between 600 and 625 Jewish students. Jewish students comprise about 1.75%-2% of the total student population at Purdue.

How active is the Hillel at Purdue?

VERY!!! In addition to our regular program of social, cultural, educational and religious activities, we sponsor several clubs in which students can get involved. Just check your brochure for all of the details.

Clubs include:
Purdue Hillel Student Board

FYSH (First Year Students at Hillel)

GAPP (Graduates and Professionals at Purdue)

ICAP (Israel Council at Purdue)

Jewish Greek life with:

Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity

Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity

Sigma Delta Tau Sorority

What does Hillel provide for students on holidays?

Hillel sponsors religious services and usually special meals and programs for most Jewish holidays. During Passover, Hillel provides Seders and some kosher-for-Passover meals. Always check with the Hillel office for more details.

What does Hillel do for Shabbat?

Every Friday Hillel offers Shabbat services, (Reform or Conservative) at 7:00 p.m. with a Shabbat Dinner and Oneg to follow. Services are student led so they may vary from week to week. Depending on interest, Hillel also offers Shabbat morning services several times a semester.

Does Hillel charge for Shabbat Dinners?

Yes. To help offset the costs of the weekly (about 14-15 times a semester) Shabbat Dinner Hillel charges $5.00 per meal, or $60.00 per semester / $115.00 per year. When paying for the semester or year, that includes High Holiday and Passover meals, as well as weekly Shabbats. Check with the Hillel office for more details.

Does Hillel provide soup delivery for sick students?

Yes. To do so, students or parents should contact the Hillel office and arrangements will be made for homemade matzah ball soup to be delivered (or picked up) by the student. The soup is free for students (although a small contribution is welcome). For more information, contact Hillel at

Is there a lot of anti-Semitism on campus?

No! We don’t know of any incidents in recent memory. The university is constantly improving diversity through educating the students, faculty, and administration so everyone is aware and sensitive of the various cultures on campus. Purdue Hillel provides an exceptional source of Jewish education for the campus community.

Is there Kosher food on campus?

The university does not offer a Kosher food plan (yet). There may be a special vegetarian option available. All food served at Purdue Hillel is strictly kosher.

What are the Hillel Hours?

The Hillel’s doors are always open for students to get acquainted with the facilities housed at the center and to meet others on campus.

Hillel is open:
Monday – Thursday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm (10:00am – 4:00PM in the summer)

Friday, 9:00 am – Shabbat

Closed on Jewish Holidays except for services or meals

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