Purdue Hillel invites our member community to join us for dinner and the ratification of the slate of officers this Thursday, April 21, at 6PM. We’ll open our business meeting asking for a motion from the floor to ratify the slate. If there is a motion and second to ratify the slate as is, we will move into a vote. If there is dissent to ratify the entire slate as presented, we will then go position by position, calling for a vote to ratify at each position. We are committed to a fair, open, and honest process. If you are interested in adding your name to the slate, please reach out to Ethan Hirsh (hirshe@purdue.edu) by Wednesday.

Current Slate

President | Ethan Hirsh

Treasurer | Talia Hirsch

Secretary | Dalton Hirsh

Vice-President of Programming | Liz Rosenzweig

Vice-President Internal Relations | Laura Harriss

Vice-President External Relations | Adam Levinsky

Vice President Integrated Communications | Peyton Edelbrock

Vice President of Religious and Cultural Affairs | Max Hess

Vice-President of Alumni Relations | Alaina Bartfeld

Vice-President of Graduate Student Relations | Maria Bagriy

Programming Board Members | Sam O'Hara | Jacob Ramsey | Tim Rubinstein

Zoom is available upon request. Voting will take place via BoilerLink.

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