Hillel Global Giving Week

The month of May might seem like an interesting time to feature Hanukkah. However, on this #ThrowbackThursday we are looking at three generations of how we have kept Purdue Hillel’s light shining bright! We’re 70% of the way to our goal of raising $50,000 this week!

During this annual fundraising week, all gifts made to Purdue Hillel between Monday, May 9 - Friday, May 13 will be triple-matched, dollar-for-dollar, up to $5,000 dollars, by generous matches from individual donors and Hillel International.

Hanukkah 2021

Despite all of the challenges for many students, of spending the majority of their college career with pandemic restrictions, our outstanding students remain resilient, engaged, and deeply proud of their Jewish identity.

Last December, in a rare occurrence, the entirety of Hanukkah happened during the Fall semester, and our students were able to gather and celebrate for eight beautiful nights. The light of Purdue Hillel continues to shine bright

Hanukkah 1958

Only seven years following the opening of the Purdue Hillel building at 912 West State Street, members of the Governing Board held a ceremony to burn the mortgage document, as the community had raised the funds to pay the sum of the mortgage in full.

Since that time, the Greater Lafayette community has supported Purdue Hillel to help us ensure a vibrant Jewish home away from home for our Jewish students at Purdue.

This spring, we celebrated 70 years in our building, and reflected on how incredible it is that our Jewish students have their very own physical space, within which they create a holy community every day.

Hanukkah 1990

”I recently came across this brochure, “Religious Life at Purdue.” I had no recollection of seeing it before, so I opened it, only to find a photo on the inside front cover of me, lighting a menorah, on the bimah in our sanctuary at Purdue Hillel.

The bounce in my big hair and breadth of my shoulder pads now pale in size to the commitment I feel every day towards ensuring that our incredible students have a Jewish experience at Purdue that mirrors the excellence of their academic experience while here.

This building is a gift, and we have to treat it that way. This fundraising effort will help us renew and refresh!”
Melissa Frey, Executive Director

Hanukkah 2002

It’s been almost 20 years since these alumni celebrated Hanukkah at Purdue Hillel!

And for many of them, their commitment to Purdue Hillel continues. Michael Acks serves as the chair of the Purdue Hillel Governing Board and Levi Goltz is an active member of the board. Jamie Krakover recently met with our students to talk about her Jewish and engineering journey and career opportunities at Boeing, and she serves on our Development Committee. Cyndi and Matt Alderson recently visited with their twin boys to show them the Torah cover they dedicated to Hillel following their marriage.

This commitment to Purdue Hillel, years after their time here, is a testament to the worldwide network of Purdue Hillel alumni who continue to support and help ensure a vibrant experience for our Jewish Boilermakers!