Hillel Global Giving Week

Read below about Gabby, Max, and Isabel,

who are each working to make the world a better place!

During this annual fundraising week,

all gifts made to Purdue Hillel between

Monday, May 9 - Friday, May 13

will be triple-matched, dollar-for-dollar,

up to $5,000 dollars, by generous matches

from individual donors and Hillel International.

Who's Who

1st: Gabrielle Nakayama with

Jewish Studies Director, Dr. Daniel Frank

2nd: Max Hess

3rd: Isabel Reynolds with

Critical Disability Studies Director, Dr. Maren Linett

Gabrielle Nakayama ‘22

2022 School of Interdisciplinary Studies

Outstanding Senior in Jewish Studies

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Major: Law and Society

Minors: Forensic Science, Jewish Studies

Max Hess ‘25

Hillel Student Board

Vice President of Religious & Cultural Affairs

Hometown: Walnut Creek, CA

Major: Civil Engineering

Minor: Political Science

​Isabel Reynolds ‘22

2022 School of Interdisciplinary Studies

Outstanding Senior in Critical Disability Studies

Hometown: Hebron, IN

Major: History

Minors: Russian, Critical Disabilities Studies

How Purdue Hillel inspires Gabrielle:

"Hillel inspires Jewish life on campus by providing an inclusive, warm, and welcoming environment for students to explore and practice Judaism. At Hillel, students have ample opportunities to learn and ask questions about Jewish practices and traditions. Hillel inspires me to continue to educate others about Jewish culture, while fostering an inclusive and inviting space."

How Purdue Hillel inspires Max:

"Hillel has inspired me to make Judaism a constant part of my life, a daily practice and lifelong journey as well as an identity. I’m very lucky to have such a loving community to support me in that journey."

Read Max's D’var Torah - Acharei Mot on our blog!

How Purdue Hillel inspires Isabel:

"I’m inspired by Purdue Hillel because of the sense of community and belonging I feel every time I walk through the front door. It is so wonderful to have a place on campus where I am wanted and appreciated for my true, authentic self."